Monday, 27 August 2018

Start online business with zero Investment

The newly launched e-Commerce based website name helps many individuals to display their products online for free , the business model of Abcooz is (C2C) means customer to customer, The platform providing free listing of products there are no any other charges on sales ,it also helps to reach and connect with millions of buyers across the globe for free. The core aim of this platform is to create million of business opportunities for the young entrepreneurs who got big dreams.

The good thing about this platform is that anyone can start online business with no money. You don’t need to be adding credit card or to pay any additional fees for registration. What you have to do is to display good pictures of products, write some details on products and mention price in dollar. You can easily add your own shop on this website, the user friendly interface helps many customers as well as many sellers to connect with each other in just a click like a social networking sites. You can add list of many customers and sellers in your contact list and sending request for adding in your contact list. This is quite amazing for new startups that have big dreams and want to start their own onlinebusiness with zero investment

The platform is performing as a search engine for the products so there are two options for buyers whether they are searching for worldwide products or searching for just nearby products. When they search for worldwide products they will get all the data across the globe on the same search results keyword and those shops will find on the first page of Abcooz which have quality content and have good quality services for customers. When the buyers will search for nearby products they will get results for nearby products in the range of 500 meters around them, in this case they will get results for those shops which are nearby to them, and mostly customers search for nearby products because of rapid growth of consumers and their urgent needs. They want to receive products within an hour so this is advantage for both consumers and sellers ends.

There is no any limitation to extend the business; the young entrepreneurs have a great advantage to make their own scalable business model by listing more products. This platform is hundred times better than other big e-Commerce business marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba which always ask for premium memberships and to pay seller accounts, you cannot sell any products on these platforms until you pay them, but on Abcooz you can sell and make many regular customers.

As you know the big e-Commerce giants never let you to find customers details even email address and contact numbers, they just provide you shipping address, in this case you have only option to run a business with limited scale because you don’t have option to find a customer’s details the customers are not yours these customers are only for the big e-Commerce giants. So the beautiful thing about Abcooz is providing you all the data of customers their location, contact, email so you can build a massive business community and you can involve with many people in your circle to extend your business within a months.

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